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Education and Training

 "There is good evidence, from both within the pain area and outside it,

that having consumers, carers and other supporters armed with knowledge

can reduce health care costs and the impact of illness."

- National Pain Strategy, 2010


Online Education and Training



This active learning module is a development of the collaborate partnership between the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

It is designed to be studied in six one-hour modules, which address the following themes: making an effective pain diagnosis; the impact and management of psychological factors on pain; a whole person approach to managing chronic pain; identification and management of neuropathic pain; identification and management of low back pain; and opioids in pain management.


Putting Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Skills into Practice webinar training program gives you an opportunity to learn how to help your patients better manage chronic or persisting pain problems.

Each program consists of six webinar sessions of 90 minutes duration conducted over a 2-3 month timeframe. In each session you will explore specific strategies on how to effectively manage patients experiencing chronic pain.


The FPM Better Pain Management Program has been designed for specialist and general practitioners, as well as others. Medical students, nurses and allied health practitioners engaged in the care of patients with persistent pain will also benefit from Better Pain Management.

Pain medicine podcasts cover a broad range of topics relevant to pain medicine for FPM Fellows and trainees. These podcasts have been developed by specialists who are experts in their field.


Palliative Care Online Training

Helping health professionals providing palliative care to aged persons in the community to implement the principles of the Guidelines in their practice.

They also offer additional face-to-face palliative care training workshops for people living in Tasmania.

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Online Paediatric Pain Curriculum

Module 1: Neurobiology of Pain - Simon Beggs

Module 2: Development of Children's Pain Perception - Katelynn Boerner, Kenneth Craig, Rebecca Pillai Ridell and Christine Chambers

Module 4: Assessment and Measurement of Paediatric Pain - Lisa Isaac, Jennifer Tyrrell and Carl L. von Baeyer

Module 8: Chronic Pain Management: Special Considerations - Fiona Campbell, Anna Huguet, and Michael Sangster

Module 10: Ethical Considerations for Children with Pain - Franco Carnavale, Christina Rosmus and Annik Otis

Link Online Paediatric Pain Curriculum




Pediatric Pain Treatment Opioid Prescribing Course - Boston Children's Hospital

The course covers the treatment of both acute and chronic pain in children. A wide range of topics are covered including:
• The physiology of pain
• Appropriate dosing of medications
• Drug abuse and addiction
• Medical and non-medical treatment for chronic pain
• Oversight of opioid prescribing by BORIM and state agencies
• Storage and disposal of medications
• Administration of opioid reversal agents (naloxone)
The program is available online and 3.5 hours of CME credit will be provided through Boston Children's Hospital. The charge for the course is $75USD.

Link to the course is:

Contact: David Casavant MD

Phone: 617-355-7327


The following institutions have range of degrees and courses designed to keep healthcare professionals up to date with new knowledge and best practice pain management options.

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