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We invite you to participate in a review of progress against the goals of the National Pain Strategy, Lesley Brydon Chief Executive Officer

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The Secret World of Pain

the secret world of pain copy

BBC Horizon reveals the latest research into pain and the breakthroughs that have been made, through studies on everyone from a woman in London who has felt no pain in her entire life, to a man in the US who cut off his own arm to survive, after it became lodged in a furnace.

NSW Pain Plan in Action!

GP and Pain Specialist Dr Ian Thong has helped create a flagship website aimed at improving quality ...

Pain Bytes for Kids

A new online tool to help children deal with chronic pain is gaining the world's attention.

Painaustralia Annual General Meeting

We have pleasure in inviting members and stakeholders to attend Painaustralia's AGM including a revi...

  • NSW Pain Plan in Action!

  • Pain Bytes for Kids

  • Painaustralia Annual General Meeting

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