Chronic pain affects one in five Australians, including children and adolescents, and one in three people over 65.


Our goal is to ensure every Australian can access the best possible treatment without delay, to reduce long-term disability, improve work retention rates, and help people and their families live better lives.

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  • Living Well With Pain Consumer Symposium in Adelaide: don’t miss out!

  • Premier’s Award for WA Paediatric Pain Service

  • Lesley Brydon talks to Seniors Newspaper

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CHRONIC pain is a major health issue for Australia, but few among the broader population and more importantly, among the medical profession, are aware of this issue.


Painaustralia chief executive officer Lesley Brydon is talking tough about the urgent need to promote early intervention and prevention of chronic pain at the primary care and community level.


"It's highly stigmatised, highly miss-understood and poorly treated," she said.


Ms Brydon said the medical profession's ability to help older Australians deal with pain was being hampered by a lack of education and training in its management.


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